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Your immune system is not a one-trick pony! 🐎

Antibodies are important, and get talked about the most often, but your body has a whole cast of characters working together to protect you. Keep swiping to learn more about them!

Your immune system has multiple lines of defense to protect you from infection.

  • Physical and chemical barriers, which prevent pathogens from getting into your body
  • Non-specific innate immune response, which reacts quickly to combat infections
  • Specific adaptive response, which tailors its response to each infection and stores that memory for future fights

So, even if your antibodies start to dwindle over time after vaccination, your body is well equipped to protect you. It remembers what the infection looks like and how to fight it, so the next time your body encounters the SARS-CoV-2 virus… POW! 🤜💥🦠