Digital illustration of three people parading. Scientist at the front of the crowd holding a large flag that reads, "#ScienceUpFirst"


ScienceUpFirst is a national initiative that works with a collective of independent scientists, researchers, health care experts and science communicators. We share the best available science in creative ways to stop the spread of misinformation.

Right now, we’re focused on the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccines.


Join the movement:

  • Post with the hashtags #ScienceUpFirst and #LaSciencedAbord.
  • Share our expert-vetted posts on social media, and download them from our Share page.
  • Be a champion for good science in your own networks!

Other ways to get involved:

  • Join a network of 7,000 volunteers working to support Canada’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Sign up to be on COVID-19 Resources Canada‘s roster of science champions.

Science Up First is for everyone. All you need to participate is a social media account.