How we work

We share the best available science in creative ways to stop the spread of misinformation.

Our goal is to empower Canadians to be champions for good science.

“OK, but what does that really mean?”

We share the best available science…

    1. We have regular conversations with our coalition of experts to keep on top of the latest science.
    2. We always check the source, read past the headline, and look for the scientific consensus.
    3. Our posts are vetted by experts before being published.

…in creative ways…

    1. We value diversity, humour, art, wordplay, and storytelling.
    2. We understand how social media works. We make content that is useful, accessible, and shareable.
    3. We collaborate with organizations and community members in the public, private, nonprofit, and charity sectors. We want to meet people where they are.

…to stop the spread of misinformation.

    1. We follow best practices in science communication.
    2. We track trends in misinformation and listen to what questions people are asking.
    3. Our posts can be proactive, emphasizing good science and public health messages. They can also be reactive, addressing a particular myth or falsehood spreading online.

Community Guidelines

At ScienceUpFirst, we share the best available science in creative ways to stop the spread of misinformation.

We welcome questions, comments, and feedback on our posts. We are on social media because we believe that online platforms can be great spaces to share ideas and learn from one another. We encourage honest questions and sincere requests for information, and try to answer as many as possible with expert-vetted responses.

We know that not everyone will agree with us, or each other, and that’s ok!

But, backed by our experience online and research on misinformation, we also know that:

  1. Unmoderated online discourse can turn ugly. We’ve seen plenty of name-calling, bad-faith arguments, discrimination and hate on our feeds and in others.
  2. Misinformation is sticky. A false claim posted beneath our content can be just as memorable as the verified information above.

We want to foster constructive conversations about science and health. To maintain our pages as inclusive spaces where science, logic, and humanity are respected, we reserve the right to hide, restrict, or delete comments that we deem inappropriate or abusive. We also reserve the right to block accounts that repeatedly use our platforms to spread misinformation or demean others.