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Your vaccine questions, answered.

Dr. Claire Trottier is an Assistant Professor at McGill University, where she teaches immunology and microbiology. We asked her your questions about vaccines.

Your vaccine questions, answered.


Dr. Lisa Richardson is an internal medicine doctor in Toronto, the vice-chair of Culture & Inclusion at @uoftmedicine, and a leader in Indigenous Health at @uoftmedicine and @wchospital.

Your vaccine questions, answered.

Dr. Gigi Osler (@dr.gigiosler) is a surgeon in Winnipeg, Manitoba and a past president of the Canadian Medical Association (@CMA_Docs). Today she’s answering some of your vaccine questions.

Debunking WORKS!

We need everyone (that means you too!) to get involved. @caulfieldtim has the low-down on how to stop the spread of dangerous misinformation.

Share this with your friends and family and let’s work together against misinformation.

Disagreeing with people you love can be tough. Here’s @science.sam with great evidence-based tips on how to have productive conversations with your friends and family about vaccines. Be the science champion in your circle. 

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