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In Canada, most people are vaccine confident (around 90% of people 12 years old and over have had 2 doses of the #COVIDVaccine). But when it comes to younger children, it’s a different story. Why is that?

Many parents have the idea that their child is not at risk and will not get severe disease from COVID-19. This is related to the over-optimism bias or complacency. The idea that this won’t happen to me or my kid.

The problem is, the risk for kids is not zero even for healthy childrens. Kids deserve protection against severe disease from COVID-19. And now for the first time, we can protect children as young as six months old with a COVID-19 vaccine.

A big thank you to Dr. Cora Constantinescu, pediatric infectious disease physician at Alberta Children’s Hospital and University of Calgary (@UCalgary), for her expertise.



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