Have you heard this one before? ⚾

You might have guessed the ball costs ten cents? If you did, you are not alone (1)!

It may seem like the obvious answer, but it is incorrect. If the ball costs 10 cents then the bat would be $1.10 (a dollar more than the ball) for a total of $1.20.

The correct answer is that the ball costs 5 cents, the bat is $1.05, for a total of $1.10.

Why is this problem challenging?

We can divide our thought process into two: fast and slow thinking (2).

  • Type 1: fast, automatic, and unconscious
  • Type 2: slow, deliberate, and conscious

When we see the bat and ball problem our fast thinking immediately kicks in. But if we pause and go slow we can see how our initial assumptions don’t add up.

Consider this example the next time you come across a new piece of information online. Before you share, pause and think.

Ask yourself:

  • WHO made it?
  • WHAT is the source?
  • WHERE did it come from?
  • WHY are you sharing it?
  • WHEN was it published?

We can all benefit from slooooowing down. Tag someone to remind them to pause today.


  1. https://tinyurl.com/SUFThinkSlow1
  2. https://tinyurl.com/SUFThinkSlow2