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The MMR vaccine protects children against very dangerous and potentially deadly diseases, but still there are a lot of harmful myths about it (15).

The MMR vaccine protects children against measles, mumps, and rubella. Sometimes the MMR vaccine is combined to include the varicella vaccine as well (MMRV) (15,16).

  • Protection must be provided against measles at all costs, as it is very serious and can cause serious complications, especially in those under 5 years old (5,15).
  • Mumps can affect the brain and cause sterility (15).
  • Rubella is generally mild in children but can cause harm to babies while in the womb (15).

Fortunately, the MMR vaccine is safe and very effective at protecting against measles (97%), mumps (88%) and rubella (97%) (17,18,19).

To get the best protection, children in Canada usually get their first MMR vaccine between the age of 12 to 15 months. A second dose is either given at 18 months or just before starting school (15).

Your children might require a dose sooner if you plan on traveling in areas with known measles outbreaks (15,20). Make sure to check with your healthcare provider before your big trip!

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