When LBGTQ2SIA+ folks are uplifted and included, science is better! 🌈

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Diversity makes science better. Period. (1) Want proof? Look no further! Scientists around the world are currently working in a global collaboration that has never been seen before. (2) The results have been incredible.

Science has a long way to go to be truly inclusive. Though science tries to be objective, personal biases are everywhere! Assumptions that cisgender and straight are the “norm” can silence conversations about the spectrum of sexual and gender identities. (3)

Homophobia and transphobia continue to push LBGTQ2SIA+ people out of STEM fields at higher rates than their cis/straight peers. (4)(5) If you have ever been made to feel that you don’t belong in science, know that YOU DO BELONG! 🌈

Science Up First is committed to amplifying a diversity of voices and making science more welcoming.

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