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mRNA (like the Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna mRNA vaccines) can’t change your DNA. Here’s why… using FOOD 🍔

✅ The menu = DNA

Picture this: You sit down at a restaurant (remember those days!) and look at the menu, which has all the food options. The DNA in our body is like a “menu” with options to create every cell in your body.

✅ Your food order = mRNA

You order a meal from the menu. Your order is like mRNA. mRNA vaccines only have the “order” for our cells to make the coronavirus’ “spike protein.”

✅ Your meal = spike protein

Based on your order, a chef creates your meal. Based on the mRNA instructions, your body can now make the spike protein to fight COVID-19, protecting you from severe infection!

Your order (mRNA) cannot change the menu (DNA)! Also, your order (mRNA) gets thrown out once it’s been used to make the meal (proteins), making long-term side effects unlikely!