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ID: A text conversation on a phone. Person 1: If vaccines work, why do you care if I’m unvaccinated? Person 2: Good question! 1) No vaccine is 100% effective, including the COVID-19 vaccine. 2) The more unvaccinated people there are, the more chances the virus has to spread. More unvaccinated people means outbreaks are harder to contain. Everyone is at greater risk of exposure, including vaccinated people (though risk is much higher for those unvaccinated).

We hear this question a lot – but the reasons for wanting others to get vaccinated are sound.

When more people are vaccinated, the virus has less opportunity to spread.

We all contribute to the health and well-being of our households, schools, workplaces and neighbourhoods. At different stages in our life, we have all benefited from this protection. Getting vaccinated protects you as an individual and also helps those in your circle who are less protected. This includes unvaccinated children, immunocompromised folks, and older adults.

Vaccines protect you and your family.

Questions about vaccines? We are here to help.


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