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You asked: “Which bivalent vaccine is better?”

The answer? Right now there is no evidence to suggest that one will outperform the other.

Whether you already got the Moderna bivalent booster or are planning on getting the Pfizer bivalent vaccine, both are expected to strengthen and broaden your protection against the current variants (3). NACI will be continually monitoring to see if this changes (6)

But they are still different vaccines. So we’ve broken it down vial-by-vial to compare the two.

Some other things to note:

  • Both are currently authorized and recommended as a booster dose only (not for primary series) (3).
  • The Moderna Bivalent was approved using clinical data but the Pfizer Bivalent was approved using preclinical data (aka animal trials) and indirect clinical data from similar vaccine candidates (3). It’s important to remember that both vaccines are updated versions of their original vaccines, which builds on a lot of data. The bivalent vaccines are considered as safe and effective as their predecessor (7).
  • Got boosted this fall with a non-bivalent vaccine? All good! While it is strongly recommended to get either of the bivalent vaccines as a fall booster, both original vaccines have been proven to provide significant protection against severe outcomes (6).

As fall settles in, so does the colder temperature. Experts are predicting an increase in COVID-19 activity as we gather more and more indoors with our loved ones. Receiving a fall booster is the best way to build your immunity back up and be protected as much as possible against severe outcomes (6).



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