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Have boosters on the brain? 🧠💉 We’re here to explain!


Boosters are additional shots given when immunity from vaccination begins to wear off. Booster shots are common, and can be helpful for several reasons:

  1. Boosters help jog your immune system’s memory, making sure your body is in the best shape for fighting off the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
  2. Boosters can help your body defend against the virus as it mutates and changes.

We don’t know if we’ll need booster shots for COVID-19 vaccines, or how often we’ll need them, but we do know that vaccine companies are working on boosters right now, so that they’ll be safe and effective when and if we need them. By keeping an eye on antibody levels over time, breakthrough COVID cases, and emerging variants, we can stay ahead of potential future waves.

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