Who’s ready for September?! 🍎📚🤓

With more schools promising a return to in-person classes, now is the time to get vaccinated!

Everyone over 12 is eligible to get vaccinated across Canada. There are ~ 6 weeks until the first day of school.* Getting your first shot now should provide enough time to be fully vaccinated when classes start.**

Remember that vaccines take time to kick in. Your first dose primes the immune system to recognize the virus – but it needs some time to study the proteins that stimulate the production of antibodies before the second dose. The second dose builds a memory response in your immune system to fight off the virus if it encounters it (1).💪

BUT after your 2nd dose you need to vaccinate then wait 2 weeks to have full protection(2).

So don’t delay! Book your vaccine today ✅

*The first day of school is different depending on where you live and what school you go to.
**This schedule assumes 4 weeks between doses and full immunity kicking in 2 weeks after the 2nd dose. Spacing between the first and second dose may vary depending on where you live, type of vaccine, and availability.


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