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ID: A digital painting of three people standing outdoors. The colours are all bright and saturated. A Black woman is in the middle smiling with her arms crossed, and there are two Black men on either side of her smiling and giving each other a fist bump. Above them gold letters read “trust is earned.”

#ScienceUpFirst, Art Alongside: Trust 🤲

Trust is the foundation of all relationships. If you think someone is reliable, honest, and has your best interests at heart, you’re more likely to listen to them. 👂

Trust takes a long time to build, and can be undone in an instant. But when it’s strong, you can have open and productive conversations that help everyone. 🫂


Today’s art is brought to you by the amazing Sarahjean Richardson from Ontario! 🎨🖌️

Sarahjean is a self-taught, queer artist. She creates with a variety of mediums including digital media. Her artwork centres on blended realism & colourful graphics. As a Black, queer woman, she uses her art to appreciate and honour Blackness by amplifying the beauty and diversity of her community.

You can find her on IG and TikTok @srichartist and online at

To read more about this piece, check out Sarahjean’s full artist statement here:

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