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ID: A painted lodge with symbols of people, fire, and stars. Behind the lodge is a sky divided in half between an orange glow and blue stars. The faces of Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Moon are in the sky, their long hair connected like roots beneath the lodge.

#ScienceUpFirst, Art Alongside: Storytelling 📖

Our ability to connect through stories is part of what makes us human. Using storytelling as a tool in science communication can strengthen understanding and retention of information.

This week’s piece is by the brilliant and talented Autumn Whiteway (“Night Singing Woman”) from Alberta! 🖼️👩‍🎨

You can find her on Instagram @ojicreations on Facebook ​​@ autumnwhitewayojicreations and online at

This piece, “Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Moon Share Their Sacred Knowledge”, is deeply rooted in Indigenous oral tradition and worldview. It features a multi-generational transfer of knowledge through storytelling based on the natural world.

Want to learn more about the symbolism of this piece and Indigenous ways of knowing? Check out Autumn’s full artist statement here:

Autumn is a Saulteaux/Métis visual artist, traditional craftworker, curator and archaeologist. As an archaeologist, she has always been curious about the material culture produced by her ancestors, in addition to traditional knowledge passed down through the generations. This curiosity led her on a path of discovery, to learn many different types of traditional Indigenous crafts. Inspired by artists such as Norval Morrisseau and Kent Monkman, she additionally explores Indigenous themes from a contemporary perspective through painting and photography.

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