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ID: An illustration of a hand holding a round container. Reflected in the container is an eye. In the bottom left corner a thick blue line flows from the top of a test tube, and swoops across the image. In the upper right corner is a strand of DNA.

#ScienceUpFirst Art Alongside: Honesty ❤️

Science is a powerful tool for understanding the world. But “science” isn’t a monolithic being; it’s a body of knowledge and a process. Even when they’re up to date on all the latest studies, any individual scientist can’t know everything.

We have to be upfront about the limitations of our knowledge. When we make mistakes, we must own up to them. We aren’t trying to “spin” anything or deceive anyone. We provide the best available information in creative, accessible formats. 🔍


Today’s art is brought to you by the amazing Chloé Biocca from Québec! 🖼️⚜️ They created this piece to evoke the curiosity, humility, and rigour of the scientific process.

Chloé Biocca is a well-traveled illustrator, currently living and working in Montréal. Their illustrations begin with gesture and form, and result in evocative images in which abstraction meets reality. Their work explores themes such as gender and human’s relationship to nature. You can find them on IG @clobio and online at

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