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[Image description: A woman is speaking to a group. Her voice travels as a soundwave across people of different ages, genders, and ethnicities. Her speech bubble is surrounded by bright colours and dots.]

#ScienceUpFirst, Art Alongside: Audience 📣

Our experiences shape how we look at the world. 🌎👀 The same message can sound different to different people. Knowing your audience helps you communicate effectively. What they care about, what they think is relevant, or what they find funny! Our main audience is people in Canada who are interested in science and who can be sources of good information for their networks. We want to be a resource for those “nerd nodes” in families and friend groups. Does that sound like you? 🤓

This week’s art is brought to you by Amber Solberg from Nova Scotia! 🖼️🧑‍🎨

With an eye for the odd, Amber Solberg is an illustrator, artist, craftsperson & instructor. Hailing from the prairies, she headed east to the ocean and now lives between Alberta and Nova Scotia. Drawing for nature, storytelling, and humour are her jam (although not what she’d want on toast).

You can find her on Instagram and Facebook at @ambersolbergmakery and online at

Check back next week for another art feature!

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